Property management

Syndicates of Co-ownership who cannot afford the services of a management company. Primarios Management can offer you up to two months free of charge. They will be happy to help you straighten out and restore your situation.


  • Management of the condominium declaration and adopted rules
  • Annual general meeting of co-owners
  • Extraordinary general meeting
  • Writing of minutes
  • Management of human resources and salaries
  • Annual declaration to the REQ (Registraire des entreprises du Québec)
  • Keeping the register of the syndicate, equipment, and information of co-owners up-to-date
  • Communication and processing of co-owner requests
  • Follow-up on claims related to common and private areas
  • Coordination and management of insurance claims
  • Any other administrative element related to the property


  • Raising funds and government grants
  • Developing the annual budget based on the objectives of the board of directors
  • Tax filing and financial statements
  • Monitoring and collection of common charges
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Management of funds related to Quebec’s Law 16 and 141
  • Providing information to the notary during the sale of private units
  • Verification of invoices and payment of suppliers or subcontractors
  • Delivery of end-of-year accounting documents


  • Development of the building maintenance logbook
  • Certified suppliers and subcontractors
  • Negotiation of service contracts for exterior and interior parts
  • Inventory of keys and chips
  • Annual inspection of fire alarms
  • Annual inspection of fire alarms
  • Inspection of the electromechanical components of the building
  • Verification of the building envelope
  • Purchase of equipment necessary for building maintenance
  • Programming of preventive maintenance and major repairs
  • Coordination of work and supervision of their execution
  • Analysis of requests for work in private areas
  • Analysis of requests for work in private areas

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